Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's official. The build is getting started. Paul came out and put his sign at the end of the road. I was hoping to see the road graded today after I got off work and went and checked progress. Nos such luck though. We had rain all night last night. The land drains really well though. Oct 5th we had over an inch of rain and snow.I was expecting a muddy mess out at the property. Nope. We were able to drive right up on the dirt road. Where the irrigation ditch has been for the last few years is boggy, muddy, but that's it. Tomorrow plans for the grader again. We're going to round off the pull in to the drive off the road, and angle back away from the house some. That'll put the driveway in front of the garage instead of up to it. Paul is hoping to start pouring concrete by Friday.

I went out and rode Patches yesterday. She is such a bitch to catch. The pasture is just a little to big to keep her running every time she walks away from me. Fine, you want to run, then we are going to Work. Once we have a round pen we'll be able to break her of it. Andrea took pity on me and caught up her to horses. Of course they would both walk right up to me. Then she found me a rubber pan and threw a handful of chicken scratch in it. Finally Patch let me catch her. I know It's payback for all the times I gave Heather ahard time about not being able to catch Bullitt right up. We rode in the back of our property, and the eight acres behind us. We went a little up on the canal some. Mostly I wanted to work on walking out away from the herd. The one time we tried to ride her and Joy out down the road was a disaster. Patch wouldn't walk out, just kept stopping and refusing to move. Joy danced and sidled around and tried to jump out from undeneath me. Then the trash truck came by. We also worked on tracking in a straight line. Every time she wanted to veer off back towards the front of the property we did two circles towards the way she was veering and then gave her the option to walk fowards. They were small, very fast, get your ass around Now circles. We also walked out to the road and just sat there and watched the traffic go by. No worries. She was doing a ton better after an hour. We were only bareback, but I got to go ride!

Today I just went out in the pasture and sat. I watched the horses eat and meander around. I layed back in the grass and listenid to them munch. Soda thought maybe I turned into a pony eating monster laying there in the grass. That is untill he decided my shoe might taste good.

Roxy decided to see how the tree tasted.

I caught a neat pic of Soda staring off into space. And a kitty in the tree.

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