Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saw a man about a horse

Beautiful sunset today.

So this is where the house is going to go. Yesterday Paul had a guy out all day digging out where we're going to set the house. It's moved a little bit from where we originally planned. They were digging and hit allot of rock. It's still back by the trees, just moved over a little.

We went out yesterday and wormed Patch and Rox. Scott rode Patches around bareback for a bit. All over the back eight acres.

Jesse so wanted to get on, and I like to encourage her to ride. She gets frusrtated easily. Still with just a halter and lead rope, we sent her off. Scott had reservations. Patches is still green and he doesn't like her to get conflicting signals while we're still learning her everything. So Jess wasn't doing everything right. Her hands her way too high, and Patches was taking advantage of her. Jess got her out back behind the other set of trees. I wasn't worried, but I guess I should have been. Just after Scott asked where did those girls go, Patches comes tearing out from behind the stand of trees at mach 1o. Head and tail in the air running like her tail was on fire. No Jesse. Patch made it through the break in the fence and up to where the small pasture is going to be. She thankfully didn't go through the fence and Scott was able to catch her up, while I went looking for Jess. The guy digging for the foundation with the back hoe was still out there working, and he went off in the tractor to look for her too. She came hobbling up, waved off the guy in the tractor and walked to me. She wasn't hurt badly. Twisted her ankle pretty good though. Patches was giving her a hard time about wanting to turn back to the front of the property and Jess did like we told her. Shortened up on the reins and circled her. Well I guess Patches knew who was in charge and after circling start to buck a little bit, and backing up. Jess got into the trees, and she hopped again. Jess came off her back, and tried to land on her feet. She said she held onto the reins till Patches was jumping around and reared up a little. Then she lost them. So Jess's ankle is swelled up some, and he can't walk on it well. Scott back up on Patches to put her through her paces, and not let her get away with stuff like that. On a good note, he rode her up to where Jess and I were walking back to the front of the property and the back hoe guy was back to work digging and moving dirt. Patches could have cared less. Walked right up there and didn't even twitch an ear in his direction.

We drove up to Mackay today to look at a paint gelding. We was beautiful. Pretty color dunskin paint. Nicely parked. Built well. I rode him around. Banged the stirrups into while I was on the ground. Swung my feet all over out of the stirrups while I was on him. Waved my hands around. Patted his butt. He was a little skitzy with my feet near his flanks. His owner warned me ahead of time he doesn't like it, especially with you on the ground. He's a little hot. Didn't want to stay down to a walk. They had him already caught and saddled when we got there. I know there were just trying to save time, as we got out there a little late. But I didn't like that I didn't see him caught up or saddled. He was a gentleman for being bridled though, and for taking off the saddle. Scott got on a rode him bareback. Bow didn't care for that at all. All this I prolly could have dealt with. Round pen him, gain some respect on the ground. He'd loose the spookiness, and the skitters once he had some respect and confidence in his rider. I really want something I don't have to put too much work into though.

He looks like a pony here, but Scott is a pretty tall guy.

You can kinda see in this pic he's holding his head a little funny. He had an incident, and no one knows what, as a youngster, and has an indent on both sides of his neck behind his ears. He's been vetted and the vet says he's fine. Perfectly sound. He moves though like a person with a bad crick in their neck. Instead of just moving the head to look, he moves his whole neck, without moving the head. He just kinda tilts his head. Bows his head around, as they call it. I think that's why he's so skitterish. He knows he can't get his head around fast enough to see what's going on. He's iffy about anything from the flanks back because he can't see it well. That's the only thing I have an issue with. If he didn't have that neck thing, I would buy him in an instant. Of course if he didn't he would have prolly settled down already and wouldn't be for sale. But that neck thing is prolly going to kill the deal for me. Again, he's a horse that my kids could get into trouble with I think, same as with the Buck horse I looked at, and obviously with Patches. I just need something a little more sane.

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