Sunday, October 18, 2009

I bought the ugly one

So I bought the ugly one. He's so not what I was looking for.He's an older gelding. 16 or so. A friend of mine said a horse trainer friend of hers picked up a gelding on consignment last night, maybe we would like to go out and see him. He's ugly as sin Steve said. No idea of his breeding. I think, and so does everyone who's looked at him, that he has some drafty in him. He's not real tall. Maybe just pushing 15 hands if that. Thick neck, big solid legs. I took him for a test spin in the round pen. He hasn't been ridden in two years. The older guy who owned him didn't ride him. When the owner died, the kids didn't know what to do with him, so they called Steve to sell him. He kinda neck reined. He wanted to turn back to the gate the whole time. Nice slow jog though. Steve told me to take him out in the dessert across the street. He'd ridden him earlier that day. He wasn't thrilled to walk out. He kicked out with his right hind to tell me he wasn't happy. That was the biggest temper tantrum he was capable of it seemed. He necked reined when he wanted to. Walked through anything I wanted him to. I couldn't make him spook even though I tried. I took my feet out of the stirrups, swung them around, kicked him in the flanks. I reached around and pulled his tail, swung the reins around. Honey Jo rode him, Andrea rode him. Each time he want back across the desert he got better. Less of a fit going out, nicer walk on the way back. The girls got up on him double.
We all tried to spook him. Steve got back on him, from the wrong side, nice lope away from the farm. When he came back Steve was standing up on his back for about 100 yards, across the road and back into the yard.

Steve got back up standing on his ass this time. Even crawled underneath him. The longer we hung out with him, the more he was growing on us. Steve told us he'd take $500 for him, throw in the saddle he came with, and let me take him home for a few days for a test spin. We were sold. For that kind of money I can still get the horse of my dreams later on if something falls in my lap and I have to have it. Kurt came out with his rig to pick him up for us. Us girls went back to get Honey Jo's horse, and get Patches and Soda caught up. We were going to go for a ride. It was getting late when the guys finally pulled into the yard. We decided to still go out. He stood next to a strange horse horse tied to the trailer with no worries. We went down the road to the dirt road a little bit down. He didn't care. He walked out really nice. Liked being out front. Didn't care about the dairy cows. He road nice in the middle of the pack. Didn't care about being in the back. Ears up looking around. Trotted down the gravel road, no shoes, not a single flinch or misstep. Road back along the railroad tracks. The train never came by, but I was curious what might happen. It got dark and didn't worry him. Ears still up. Came past another dairy, the cows spooked and ran off, and he still didn't care. We road back down the main road to the house in the dark. A truck came by as we came up to our pasture. He was more interested in the girls we left behind than the traffic that went by. I was so happy with him. More longer I road him, the bigger my smile got. We turned him, Patches, and Soda back out in the pasture with Illusion and Roxy. A few squeals and all he really wanted to do was eat grass. I'm so happy with him.

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